Richard Moreno // The Mysteries of the First Stone – Deering Spring Contemporary 2020

For his new work, current artist-in-residence Richard Moreno took inspiration from the architectural structures produced for world’s fairs as well as the 1922 Stone House. The Mysteries of the First Stone is a large temporary structure built to house a resin-casted limestone found at the Deering Estate. It draws a poetic connection between humanity and the bedrock of South Florida. Oolitic limestone is a composite of fossilized organisms that form together over time and serve as a document of the life that has passed through a site. Moreno was fascinated by the evidence of over 10,000 years of human occupancy on this site and envisions a mysticism about the land at the Deering Estate that drew Charles Deering to protect it over 100 years ago. This work highlights the history of artists seeking to capture the divine in nature dating back to the earliest known works of art. Director of Photography & Camera Op: Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera (Jorge Graupera Films) Produced & Edited by Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera (Jorge Graupera Films) Aerial Cinematography by Javier Sanchez (Light Is Beauty) Post Production Audio by Daniel Abrusci (Loyal Sound) Special Thanks to Melissa Diaz The Mysteries of the First Stone is part of Deering Spring Contemporary Projects organized by Melissa Diaz – Cultural Arts Curator, Deering Estate. With assistance by Dianley Cabrera – Curatorial & Programs Associate, Deering Estate and Sofia Guerra – Curatorial & Historic Preservation Intern, Deering Estate. Special thanks to Genesis Florentino. Cultural Arts Programming at the Deering Estate is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami- Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, and The Deering Estate Foundation, Inc.