Sinisa Kukec // FACING GAIA – Deering Spring Contemporary 2020

The Deering Estate is proud to exhibit FACING GAIA, a 10-foot interactive sculptural intervention that invites the community to participate in the creation of an artwork. FACING GAIA, a Deering Spring Contemporary Project, will be on display at Deering Estate from October 29, 2020 – December 21, 2020, courtesy of the artist and Spinello Projects.

Creating fabrications from steel, wood, and gold-polished aluminum, Sinisa Kukec has provided an environment within the Deering Estate grounds for both personal introspections and a reflection of ourselves within nature. FACING GAIA is emblematic of Kukec’s exploratory practice, where the artist highlights the indeterminable facets of community and self. Kukec has cultivated this thread within his work, which is a result of his own observations. He invites viewers to do the same through FACING GAIA.

Gaia, meaning “earth,” ties the reflective process of this project to the physical space it and its participants occupy. The monolithic component of FACING GAIA is accompanied by a pile of crushed granite stones, which visitors are encouraged to responsibly collaborate through Kukec’s vision and throw at the monolith to metamorphosize the surface. Participants are asked to leave the rock where it falls after being thrown.

Director of Photography & Camera Op: Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera (Jorge Graupera Films)
Produced & Edited by Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera (Jorge Graupera Films)
Aerial Cinematography by Javier Sanchez (Light Is Beauty)
Post Production Audio by Jorge Gonzalez-Graupera
Special Thanks to Melissa Diaz

FACING GAIA is part of Deering Spring Contemporary Projects organized by Melissa Diaz – Cultural Arts Curator, Deering Estate.
With assistance by Sofia Guerra – Curatorial & Historic Preservation Intern, Deering Estate.

Special thanks to Diana Larrea, Nathalie Alfonso, Kaelsie Saravia, Mauricio Gonzalez
Janese Weingarten, Dave Misty Kudzma, Freddy Jouwayed, Stephan Tugrul, Marcos Cherlo, Jon 5.0 Elwell, Nick County, Rick Moon and Alejandro Elizondo.

Cultural Arts Programming at the Deering Estate is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, and The Deering Estate Foundation, Inc.